Laws regarding employee benefits, ERISA law, and employment taxes can be remarkably complex.  This is where having legal counsel and advice from a dedicated law firm with experience in tax, ERISA law, and employee benefits can make all the difference.

Thomas, Fisher, Sinclair & Edwards, P.A. has specific expertise with matters related to tax, ERISA, and employee benefits.  When you work with our firm, you can rest assured that you will get the guidance and legal assistance you need to ensure that you can retain your employees with compelling benefits packages while still complying with Federal and state laws.

Compliance with ERISA Law

In 1974, the United States Department of Labor passed the Employee Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA), which set forth minimum requirements and standards for pension and health plans offered by employers across the country.  If your business voluntarily offers retirement plans, pensions, and/or health insurance plans for your employees, then, you are likely subject to ERISA laws, which can be quite complicated.  We help assist with your compliance with ERISA law and avoid penalties or other issues with the Federal government.

Employee Benefits

We have experience with a number of these arrangements, including:

  • profit-sharing, 401(k) pension, and retirement plans
  • group insurance plans (dental, health, vision, etc.)
  • health savings accounts and reimbursement accounts
  • and many more
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